Our stamp

We want to help you travel in an easy and sustainable way, that's why we created this seal, so that all the experiences you live put the planet and people first.

We understand the responsibility that we have as a brand, that is why our actions are aimed at choosing the most responsible path:

All our process are focus on:

1. Equity and just labor condition.
2. Ethical and responsible productive process with the environmental
3. Fair prices

We invite you to continue reading and join us on this journey.

We support

Understanding the impact we generate with our daily activities, we have joined the care and protection of the paramos in Colombia and especially in the planting of frailejones which help us preserve water.

We do this hand in hand with “Cumbres Blancas”

Carbon digital footprint

We understand the impact generated by the digital carbon footprint, which is why our platform uses clean energy:

Currently our domain and hosting is contracted with Green Geeks. If you want to know a little more, we invite you to their website: https://www.greengeeks.com/

Our actions

1. We are lovers of the planet that is why we focus on:
2. Personal hygiene products: The products that you can find in our apartments are not tested on animals, they are natural and avoid single-use plastic.
3. Products for the home: All these products are also natural, avoid single-use plastic and are not tested on animals.
4. Personal Kit: You can find a zero waste kit in all the apartments.
5. Waste management: help us to reintegrate all the waste that can be used. You just have to separate the waste in the indicated containers.
6. Take care the water and the energy with the responsible consum